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WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY: Allison Pataki Pens New Historical Fiction Novel

As published in Women’s Wear Daily by Sharon Edelson:

Allison Pataki, the daughter of the former New York governor, has created a franchise of historical novels about women forgotten by history.

First came “The Traitor’s Wife,” about Peggy Shippen, the woman who married Benedict Arnold, and now comes “The Accidental Empress,” her new book about the wife of Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph. Like with “The Traitor’s Wife,” which is being adapted into a television miniseries, Pataki sees feature film all over the new novel.

With all the Habsburg Court’s ornate crown jewels and gowns gleaming with gold embroidery and resplendent with fur, Pataki envisions a sweeping period costume drama, adding, “there’s already interest in Hollywood.”…

See the full article here!

Sara Kerens, Accidental Empress, Allison Pataki

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