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Women’s Health Magazine: ‘My Husband Had A Stroke On The Flight To Our Babymoon’

Dave Levy Stroke RecoveryAs originally published in WOMEN’S HEALTH: Allison Pataki’s new memoir tells the heart-wrenching story of her husband’s recovery.

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Beauty in the Broken Places, a new memoir by New York Times bestselling author Allison Pataki:

Dave would not wake up, could not be roused from sudden and abrupt unconsciousness.

His six-foot, two-hundred-pound frame was laid flat across a row of airplane seats, a doctor and a nurse and an EMT (all passengers traveling on our flight) huddled around him.

The Alaska Airlines flight attendants had Dave hooked up to an oxygen tank while the nurse held tight to his wrist, tracking his pulse. The odd thing was that Dave’s vitals remained stable; he had the look of somebody taking a nap, a person at rest and at peace as chaos unfolded around him.

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