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USA Today: Exclusive Excerpt

Originally published on Happy Ever After by Joyce Lamb

“When he had finished reading, Andrássy lowered the paper and stood before her, wordless. Other than a stifled groan at the back of his throat, he made no noise, but simply began pacing, his long stride quickly crossing the small space lined by dogwood and red chestnut trees.

His silence, Sisi suspected, spoke of an ire more potent than had he railed and cursed. At last he paused and turned to her and spoke, his tone low and resolute. “You must go back.”

Sisi felt her throat and neck tighten, and she swallowed rather than replying. It was what she had expected him to say.

“You must return to Vienna.” He turned and punched his fist into the nearest sapling, and Sisi saw his frame go tight with fury. “This can’t go on. Such treatment of the crown prince? A small boy? No.” Read more…


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