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SISI Is Here in Paperback!

Friends! Great news this morning: here is SISI in paperback form, hot off the presses!

image1I’m just seeing her for the first time — doesn’t that Habsburg red look stunning? She is lightweight and travel-ready, for all of you on-the-go readers, and she is available on February 7.

I personally love paperback; it might even be my favorite form in which to read. There’s something about holding a physical book in my hands that an e-reader just can’t quite replicate.

Please help spread the word and give her a warm welcome!

A Random House Trade Paperback, On-sale: February 7, 2017
A New York Times Bestseller:
“Pataki’s extensive historical research is evident as she deftly explores the complex life of a woman who was both loved and hated by those whom she ruled. Though her life as an empress seemed like one of ease, with opulent dwellings and magnificent wealth, she is portrayed as a lonely person,as well as a true survivor and a woman ahead of her time. She faces the infidelity of her husband, the emotional and physical distance of her older children, and the death of her middle daughter, Sophie, when she is just a toddler. Pataki brings richness and relevance to the story of the woman who worked tirelessly to protect the face of an empire.” – Publishers Weekly
“Pataki’s latest epic, about Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, fondly known as Sisi, the ‘fairy queen,’ is another page-turner. Readers will travel through the mid-19th century in Vienna and
Budapest with love affairs, loss, and the downfall of many European monarchies as the First World War looms ahead.”
—Boston Globe, “Pick of the Week”
“The author’s writing style is elegant and naturally flowing…Sisi is a fast-paced and immersive novel with a unique setting and intriguing set of characters. It is recommended for those looking for unconventional royalty fiction.”
—Historical Novel Society
“Pataki successfully juggles numerous political and personal plot lines while maintaining her focus on a fascinating central character. Extensive notes reveal the author’s attention to detail and explain where the novel diverges from the historical record. Readers of Pataki’s first book will want to know the rest of Sisi’s story, but this novel stands on its own for historical fiction fans.”
—Library Journal
“A striking, free-spirited young woman marries into the royal family and earns the love of the people while facing troubles at home. Sound familiar? It’s not Princess Diana who’s the subject of this story but a figure in the Habsburg Empire: Empress Sisi, who was known as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world.’ Pataki’s sweeping tale captures the court intrigue, the emotional turmoil and the lavish settings of this turbulent 19th-century world.”
“I fell in love on page one and was heartbroken at the end. I’ve never been happier with a book…Sisi is a fascinating character…It’s so easy to be swept away emotionally…I’m so happy to have
experienced it all.” —Book Reporter
“Featuring larger-than- life historic figures such as Bavaria’s “Mad King Ludwig” and the tragic Crown Prince Rudolf, and set against many of Europe’s grandest sites — from Germany’s storied
Neuschwanstein Castle to England’s lush shires — Sisi brings to life an extraordinary woman and the romantic, volatile era over which she presided.” —Bookbub
“A satisfying saga of the late Hasburg period.” —Kirkus
“Pataki simply stuns me with each new book. I savor each page. Sisi is her best yet!” —Kathie Lee Gifford
“From luscious moonlit gardens to sumptuous castles, the settings of Sisi: Empress on Her Own are as dazzling as those of Vienna’s Imperial Court Theater, and the drama enacted on its pages is no less impressive. Pataki resurrects the unforgettable Empress Elisabeth in a rich and exquisite tragedy of passion and heartbreak—a true tour de force.” —Erika Robuck, bestselling author of Hemingway’s Girl
“The tumultuous world of mid-nineteenth century royalty comes to stunning life in this sweeping novel about the courageous, defiant empress who sought her own survival amidst rivalry, betrayal and tragedy. Allison Pataki draws back Sisi’s romantic veil to reveal her inner struggles and yearnings in a time careening toward irrevocable change. Fans of historical fiction will revel in this sumptuous account of a legendary woman.” —C.W. Gortner, international bestselling author of The Vatican Princess
Allison Pataki’s highly anticipated follow-up to the beloved The Accidental Empress, was an instant New York Times bestseller when it was published last spring. ‘SISI’ picks up right where ‘The
Accidental Empress’ left off, while completely standing on its own. This novel reveals the utterly captivating story behind of one of history’s most controversial—and yet, relatively unknown—leading ladies, Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”) of mid-19th century Austria-Hungary. She was recognized as the “most beautiful woman in the world,” but it was her wit, intelligence, charisma, and fight to save her empire that made her a legend in her own time.
While Vienna’s court halls buzzed with waltzes and champagne, as well as temptation, rivals, and cutthroat intrigue, the intensely personal tale of Empress Sisi unraveled. The Princess Diana of her
time, Sisi was politically savvy, embraced progressive ideals, was a mother of four and the wife of the world’s most powerful emperor, Franz Joseph (whom she unintentionally stole away from her sister), making her reign anything but simple.
Against the glittering backdrop of the Habsburg Court and the rich, romantic, and volatile time period—marked by pivotal events such as the opening of the Suez Canal, Vienna’s World Exhibition,
and the lead up to WWI—Sisi won and broke hearts and fought battles both epic and poignantly intimate as a woman well ahead of her time during a true Golden Age in European history. All this
and more helped to cement Sisi in her peoples’ minds and hearts as the most enchanting, most iconic, most beloved “Fairy Queen.”
For Pataki, there’s a very personal connection to this time period; her family history traces back to
the very empire she depicts. While traveling through Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, she kept noticing images of the same beautiful woman everywhere—from gift shops and museums to hotel and restaurants. That woman turned out to be Sisi, the most beloved of the Habsburg Empresses. What started off as mere curiosity quickly became Pataki’s passion, and ultimately, the inspiration behind ‘SISI.’
About the Author:
Allison Pataki is the New York Times bestselling author of THE TRAITOR’S WIFE, THE ACCIDENTAL EMPRESS and her most recent novel SISI: EMPRESS ON HER OWN. Allison’s novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages. A former news writer and producer, Allison has written for The New York Times, ABC News, The Huffington Post, USA Today, Fox News and other outlets. Allison graduated Cum Laude from Yale University with a major in English. A member of The Historical Novel Society, Allison lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter. To learn more and connect with Allison, please visit or Twitter @AllisonPataki.

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