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Q&A With Author Allison Pataki at Philipstown.Info

Allison Pataki Tells Tale of Espionage and Romance

May 4, 2014

The Traitor’s Wife author brings infamous spy spouse out of the past and onto the best-seller list

By Ron Soodalter

Allison Pataki, author of The Traitor’s Wife, a fact-based treatment of the beautiful and cunning Peggy Shippen, wife of the notorious Benedict Arnold, was interviewed by at the Desmond-Fish Library in Garrison, just a short distance from her childhood home, as well as the site of Benedict Arnold’s house, and the path he took to escape capture by George Washington and the American forces. Pataki has propelled the book to The New York Times Best Seller list, and film rights may also be in the works.

Allison Pataki

Allison Pataki

Q: Were you surprised at the overwhelming response your book has engendered?

AP: I was! When I stumbled on the story of Peggy Shippen, her romance with John Andre, her marriage to Benedict Arnold, and the pivotal role she played in the plot to turn West Point over to the British, I realized that I had been gifted with some really dramatic, juicy historical material, which I knew held the fixings for a truly mesmeric tale. I’d hoped people would respond to it, but the enthusiasm has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Q: What influence has growing up in such a historically rich area had on you?

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