Amy Jenkins Set to Write TV Series for Sisi

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Amy Jenkins is the creator and showrunner of the BBC series “This Life” and writer on Netflix’s “The Crown,” and is set to adapt Allison’s “Sisi” Novels (The Accidental Empress & Sisi: Empress On Her Own) into a TV series.

The TV series is being developed by Picture Perfect Federation and will shed light on one of Europe’s most powerful royal families spanning from 1853 up until World War 1.

Amy Jenkins
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“Sisi was an extraordinary young empress,” Jenkins said. “Charismatic and free-thinking, she was a royal rebel who set the Hapsburg court on fire in a surprisingly modern way.” Jenkins added that she was “looking forward to bringing a very feminine perspective to her fascinating struggle for self-determination.”

Variety has the full article on their website: “Amy Jenkins to Adapt ‘Sisi’ Novels for Patrick Wachsberger’s Picture Perfect Federation“.

Cover Reveal of The Queen’s Fortune

The Queens Fortune

Introducing the exclusive cover reveal of my new book, The Queen’s Fortune. This novel will publish on February 11, 2020 from Ballantine Books.

A Novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and a Dynasty That Outlasted an Empire

The Queen's FortuneA sweeping novel about the extraordinary woman who captured Napoleon’s heart, created a dynasty, and changed the course of history — from the New York Times bestselling author of The Traitor’s Wife, The Accidental Empress, and Sisi.

As the French revolution ravages the country, Desiree Clary is faced with the life-altering truth that the world she has known and loved is gone. Her head — as well as her family — is at risk, and it’s fallen on her to save them from the guillotine. A chance encounter with Napoleon Bonaparte, the ambitious and charismatic young military prodigy, provides her answer. When her beloved sister Julie marries his brother Joseph, Desiree and Napoleon’s futures become irrevocably linked. Quickly entering into their own passionate, dizzying courtship followed by a secret engagement, they vow to meet in the capital once his career has been secured. But her newly laid plans with Napoleon turn to sudden heartbreak due to the rising star of Parisian society, Josephine de Beauharnais. Once again, Desiree’s life is turned upside down.

Read more about the cover reveal.

‘Sisi’ Novels Set For TV Series

Sisi Featured Image 2

Sisi Featured ImagePicture Perfect Federation, the company recently launched by Patrick Wachsberger’s Picture Perfect Entertainment, has teamed with Pascal Breton’s Federation Entertainment to acquire The Accidental Empress and Sisi: Empress on Her Own — to be developed as a series on the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

This will be the first international television series about the unconventional Empress, who was unexpectedly thrust into the center of Europe’s most treacherous imperial court at the age of 15 when she unwittingly stole the heart of her sister’s fiancé, Emperor Franz Joseph. Sisi’s legend became a European obsession thanks to the performance of Romy Schneider in the 1955 movie Sissi, one of the most successful German-language movies of all time.

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Guideposts: Her Husband Had a Stroke When He Was 30

Allison Pataki Marquee

Allison Pataki Marquee

Dave, my husband, was working crazy 18-hour days. I hardly saw him. But there was no reason to expect otherwise. He was a doctor in his third year of residency in orthopedic surgery at Rush University in Chicago. He had to work hard. He’d always worked hard. That’s who he was. Type A all the way. Focused, driven.

All the more reason we needed this vacation, a babymoon. I was five months pregnant with our first child, and we figured we’d give ourselves a trip to Hawaii before things got even more crazy. Just the two of us. Time together.

The last thing we did before leaving our apartment was say goodbye to our dog Penny. (A friend was going to pick her up later.) Penny wagged her tail and went around in circles. Dave gave her a hug. “We’ll be back soon. You’ll see us again, Penny.” That was Dave, the man I married. Affectionate and reassuring, seeing to the needs of the ones he loved. Even Penny.

We jumped in a taxi to O’Hare International Airport. As soon as our flight took off, Dave got out his laptop. Some medical article he had to read, I figured. “Don’t work too hard,” I said, squeezing his hand. “I’m taking a nap.”

The next thing I knew, he was giving me a nudge and asking me to look in his eyes, his right pupil so dilated, I couldn’t even see the iris. Fear rushed through me. “Are you having a stroke?” I asked.

“I think so,” Dave said. Then he lost consciousness.

Read the entire story on Guideposts.


Meet Desiree, A New Heroine Who Proves That History Makes the Best Fiction


What’s next? The book is outta the bag thanks to this morning’s announcement on Publisher’s Lunch!

Image1I have been so excited to share this news, and now I can’t wait to share my next book, this one on Desiree Clary.

I’ll hit the ground on edits right after the New Year and I could not be more excited to be working with Kara once more and the knockout team at Ballantine / Random House.

I’m so excited for all of you to meet Desiree. I think you are going to like her, and her fascinating, little-known story proves that history makes for the best fiction.

Exciting News on the Next Book!

Nelly Takes New York

I have some very exciting news on the next project! Check out the cover copy and some of the stunning artwork for “Nelly Takes New York,” which comes out this May! This is my first foray into children’s books and so it was an incredible experience to write this one with fellow kid-lit lover, long time gal-pal, and literacy educator / children’s book writer, Marya Myers!

Nelly Takes New York Book Cover

Marya and I lived together in New York City and we love exploring cities both close to home and on the opposite side of the globe. But I don’t think in our wildest dreams we ever imagined how much fun it would be to write children’s books together!

Reading to my daughters is the best part of my day. I love watching how the wonder of books broadens the imaginations of little ones with a curiosity and taste for adventure that can last well beyond childhood. I hope my daughters never lose the thirst for story and exploration that books both ignite and satisfy.

After the historically-based work of my past fiction novels and the incredibly personal journey of releasing a nonfiction memoir, this felt like jumping headfirst into an ice cream sundae. I’m so grateful that I get to write about this little girl’s adventures while also watching the adventure of this writing career unfold, taking turns down so many roads that I never imagined would open up like this.

Nelly Takes New York Page

“Nelly Takes New York” is a great one for knowledge- and adventure-loving children of all ages.


We love Nelly. We are wildly excited about the talented artist, Kristi Valiant, who brought her to such vivid and whimsical life. We couldn’t be luckier to be working with the superstar team at Simon & Schuster Children’s Book Division. And we can’t wait to share this adventure with you this spring.

Read It Forward: What It Means to Remember

A Paper Airplane.

Excerpt from Read It Forward

A Paper Airplane.
Featured Image: Getty Images/Kei Uesugi; Author Photo: Beatrice Copland

My friends and family members have always teased me for having “the memory of an elephant.” We’ll be talking about a specific day or moment, and I’ll come out with some random detail like, “Oh, yeah! That was the day you were wearing your new purple shirt” or “Remember we were late because we waited forever to grab coffee beforehand?” Usually the response is something akin to, “Huh? No, I hadn’t remembered that, actually. But now that you mention it, I guess.”

When I remember something, I see an entire scene; I remember who was there, how I felt. I remember what I heard and what was said and what it felt like to be in that moment in every sense of the word. Perhaps that’s why I love being a writer so much—my job is to basically describe how it feels and looks to be in a scene or a conversation or a particular moment, page after page.

And perhaps, too, that was part of what made it so excruciatingly difficult when my husband—the man with whom I had made so many of life’s most important memories—lost his own ability to remember.

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TODAY Show – How a woman reshaped her marriage after husband’s stroke

Allison Pataki Dave Levy Today Show

While on a flight, Dave Levy turned to his wife, Allison Pataki, and asked if his eye looked strange. It did — and it turned out he was having a stroke at age 30. During an extended recovery at the hospital where he struggled with memory retention, Pataki began writing letters to him. Those letters are now part of her memoir, “Beauty in the Broken Places.” The couple joins TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to discuss the experience and new book.


Town & Country Magazine: The Best Books to Read This May

Maybookcovers 1525792656

The Best Books to Read This May, as originally published in Town & Country:

Four standout new releases of the month—and one old favorite to revisit.

This month, dive into an unexpected literary novel, enjoy a heartbreaking memoir, pour over a book as lovely as any garden, and revisit a classic heading for the silver screen.

This first memoir from bestselling novelist Allison Pataki is both harrowing and inspiring. It begins when Pataki and her husband are on route to a vacation and he suffers a stroke and then follows the couple and their newborn child through the difficult days and months after as they attempt to rebuild their lives and discover what it means to be a family.

Maybookcovers 1525792656

Photo courtesy of Town & Country