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NEWSMAX: Inspiration for ‘The Accidental Empress’

As published on Newsmax by Bill Hoffman:

Newsmax InterviewNew York City, New York – If you think nobody can beat Britain’s royals for scandal and intrigue — get ready for Sisi, the empress whose family once ruled most of Europe and is now the subject of a sizzling historical novel by Allison Pataki.

“Sisi and the Hapsburgs are the most fascinating, dramatic, dysfunctional ruling family you could ever meet — and yet we know so little about her here,” Pataki told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“Sisi was the last great empress of the Hapsburg Empire, the family that ruled most of central Europe right up to World War I … that declared the war that started World War I. It was such a hugely significant family, which is still playing out in history today, still having effects.”

Read the entire article and watch the video here.

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