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It’s Launch Day for ‘Beauty In The Broken Places’

It’s hard to believe that Beauty in the Broken Places makes its way out into the world today, while May 1 also marks a particularly important date in our family: the kick-off of Stroke Awareness Month.

Allison And Dave LevyThis is a journey that neither Dave nor I ever imagined going on, but as Lee Woodruff so beautifully wrote in her generous Foreword for our book: “In the end, the details of the bad thing do not matter.  What’s important is how you choose to respond.  It’s about not letting the bad thing define you. And if we can love and hug and hope and pray and keen and write our way through the hard parts, the way Allison and Dave have done, then we will have triumphed in every way.”

While our particular tale is unique in some ways, there is nothing more universal than the themes of love and loss, fear and hope, pain and healing that we grapple with in writing this story. It’s ultimately a story of humans and hearts, and one which, we hope, will speak to people regardless of what they have going on in their own full lives.

Dave and I have zero doubt that we would be where we are today without the love and support of the innumerable family members, friends, healers, colleagues and even total strangers who walked beside us and with us on our road to recovery.

Now that the book is here, we are asking for your help once more. These early days in a book’s life are so important. Would you help us spread the word? If you find Beauty in the Broken Places to be a worthwhile read, we would be grateful if you would consider saying so. Below are some examples of ways you might help, but really, anything you feel willing and able to do would be very appreciated.

1. Pick up a copy of BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN PLACES:

Grab a copy for yourself — or for someone else. Whether as a gift (Mother’s or Father’s Day perhaps?) or your next spring or summer read, the book is available through major retailers. Choose your favorite from the following: Amazon, Penguin Random House, Books-A-Million, Walmart, Kobo, Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, TargetPowell’s and more.

2. Help us spread the word — talk it up:

Tell your friends about BEAUTY IN THE BROKEN PLACES. Email your family members. Chat with your co-workers. Share it with your reading groups, neighbors and community members…it all helps so much. You can share it on your social media channels, at your next book club, family get-together, or wherever your reading adventures may take you.

And we want to hear what you think, as well. Tag me on Twitter (@AllisonPataki), Facebook, Instagram or any social media outlet of your choice. Using the hashtag #BeautyInTheBrokenPlaces will ensure that all of our conversations connect in one place.

3. Post a review:

This matters SO much and authors appreciate every single review—that much I can promise you. Share what you think on AmazonGoodreads or elsewhere. Use the hashtag #BeautyInTheBrokenPlaces when you share your review on social media, as well. Or, share your review the good old fashioned way: word of mouth.

This was a journey that we walked with so many others, and that continues to be the case. Dave and I truly appreciate your support and any and all efforts to help us spread the word. We look forward to hearing from you in the days and weeks to come.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Allison & Dave

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