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Hitting the Road

TraitorsWife3D200I will be on the road the next few days. Along the way, I’ll be stopping at the O’Hare airport  Hudson Booksellers location, where The Traitor’s Wife is a featured title for the next month! If you happen to be passing through, come say hi today.

Next, it’s a few days of meetings in New York. While there, I will squeeze in some very important family time. My younger brother, an officer in The United States Army, is home on leave from Afghanistan until Thursday. I’m so excited to give him a big hug.

After that, I head to Madeira to do some research on Sisi for The Accidental Empress

Madeira, an island off the coast of Africa and belonging to Portugal, was the first place to which Sisi fled when she left the Habsburg Court. This was the first time that stuff between her and Franz Joseph got really rocky.

Hey, not a bad place to have to work though, right? I can’t wait to get back and share the photos and research.

Until then, happy reading, all.

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