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Feathered Quill Says: For American history lovers, this is a gem.

Feathered Quill Book Review

The Traitor’s Wife is a fascinating look at the life and marriage of Revolutionary War General Benedict Arnold, whom you’ve all heard of, and his bride Peggy Shippen. Benedict was a storekeeper when the Revolution began in 1775. He joined the army at that time and made quite a name for himself. He was greatly involved in many battles: Fort Ticonderoga 1775; Valcour Island 1776; Saratoga 1777. He was charged with corruption and when Congress investigated, it was discovered that he was spending much of his own money on the war effort, and thus, not corrupt. General Arnold became extremely irritated with his own side and decided to change sides. He was discovered when a British Major was captured carrying papers that were strategic to the Revolution. When the Major was captured, General Arnold climbed onto a British warship and ran.

But, as the title of this story is…. [ read the full review here ]

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