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Martha MacCallum’s ‘The Story’ and David’s Opinion Piece for Fox News

Allison’s Interview on The Story w/Martha MacCallum

Watch Allison discuss her memoir ‘Beauty in the Broken Places’ on Fox News:


I survived a near-fatal stroke at age 30 (just 3 years ago). Here’s the most important thing I can do now

As originally published by Dr. David Levy on For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to study medicine. My father was a doctor, and I loved the idea of studying science and math and then going into a profession where I could serve others and take satisfaction from my daily work – medicine seemed like so much more than just a day job. It felt like a calling.

My life had a certain pattern to it: work hard, achieve, and then pick from an array of choices. With hard work, application, and effort come options: the ability to choose your next step and, to a large extent, to choose how you want that next step to look. Right? Not in the case of what happened next. The reason I am writing this is because of something that happened to me. Something that I never chose, never would have chosen, and never would wish on my worst enemy. It was unexpected and catastrophic, yet it has taught me more than all of my other years of schooling and training combined.

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