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A BIG Mission for Our Littlest Readers

Last night was a great night with Bernie’s Book Bank. If you’re not familiar with the fantastic work they are doing for children and literacy, please check them out. Founder Brian Floriani said it best as we entered the warehouse last night: “If you’re ever having a bad day, come to this warehouse and look at the expressions on these kids’ faces. That’ll get your head back on straight.”

Touring the warehouse with Bernie’s Book Bank founder, Brian Floriani.

Amen. I was blown away by my meeting with Brian and his team, and deeply moved to see the magic that is happening in that warehouse. Volunteers & passionate full-time workers coming together to put MILLIONS of books into the hands of children who would otherwise never have the opportunity to own a book! The importance of this mission cannot be overstated. And the results that Bernie’s has been able to achieve? It’s inspiring and humbling to see them work and see the way they are changing children’s lives for the better.

Interested in learning more about their great work? Great — join us for lunch! I am so looking forward to the Bernie’s Book Bank Annual Book Lovers Luncheon on May 1 (please join us! Get your tickets here!), and will be honored to give the keynote address. Perhaps even more so, I am so looking forward to getting back to that warehouse and getting my hands into those book piles as a volunteer!

To learn more about our upcoming luncheon or just the great work that they are doing for children at Bernie’s, please visit:

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